Time : 2021-11-01

Our company Blue Ocean was founded in 2020. Before that, the founder of Blue Ocean had been deeply engaged in the maintenance of Marine hydraulic equipment and automation equipment for more than 15 years. we had provided technical services and troubleshooting for many large ship owners on various Chinese ports and shipyards before the establishment of Blue Ocean, and attracted hydraulic equipment maintenance team with a lot of experience to join us, we  gradually expand the scale of the company and the scope of services, such as oil tank cleaning ,sludge disposal , ship chandler and electrical automation, build our own workshop, service range is throughout the entire coast in China, in the past years we successfully served for more than 50 ship owners and over 400 ships, new company new beginning, we will continue to provide high-quality "one-stop" service for ship owners, focusing on quality and efficiency. We are honored to be your partner and solve all your troubles.

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